Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women and Children in Bakersfield

Check out the remodeled home!

Our mission at Casa Esperanza Transitional Home for Women and Children is to provide homeless women and children in the Bakersfield area with an innovative and holistic program in a sustainable model that supports their transition to permanent housing and stable employment.  Breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty one family at a time is the ultimate goal.

We are not open yet but have just completed the renovation to create a home that is practically new and ready to serve women and children for generations to come.  We expect to open our doors in late summer 2022.  A wonderful out pouring of donations of time and material from many people and companies in the construction industry has enabled this project.  Thank you!

This beautiful home will be accompanied by services to help local homeless women reinvent their lives, re-enter the job force, parent their children, and ultimately transition to permanent housing.

The homeless women in our community, many with children and for whom hard circumstances have worn down their sense of dignity and worthiness, will benefit from developing their life plan and having the assistance to carry it out in a safe environment with like-minded women.

We value your support in whatever way and at whatever level you offer. The intergenerational impact of removing children from homelessness makes Casa Esperanza a great investment.