Casa Esperanza Bakersfield

A Message to Our Supporters: We Are Moving Forward

Although we did not receive the required conditional use permit to open Casa Esperanza for the home we were purchasing, our organization and supporters in our community are committed to moving forward with even more vigor than before.

The homeless women in our community, many with children, for whom hard circumstances have worn down their sense of dignity and worthiness, will benefit from the beautiful dwelling and safe social environment we hope to provide for them.

Equally important, the job readiness skills, and the financial and home management skills our innovative and holistic program will provide, will equip them for a successful transition to permanent housing, employment with a sustainable wage, and a renewed sense of well-being and self-esteem.

We value your support in whatever way and at whatever level you offer. One way or another, we will open Casa Esperanza Bakersfield.

Transitional Home for Women and Children

Casa Esperanza Bakersfield will provide safe and supportive transitional housing in Bakersfield, California for homeless women and their children. Residents will live in a family-like environment that produces a spirit of community and a sense of extended family while transitioning to sustainable independence. Your tax-deductible financial support is needed and greatly appreciated. Please donate today.